A Tribute to an Irish Father

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   I’ve got a Dad who’s Irish
      He’s Irish to the core.
‘Tis a proud blood he’s given us
    Who could ask for more?

  My Dad has all the Irish traits
  He’s jolly, handsome, and kind.
And when his temper goes raging
Somehow you don’t seem to mind.

For you know when the storm’s over
       He’s sorry as he can be.
I must confess, he’s handed down
      A wee bit of temper to me.

My Dad slings a wee bit of blarney
  Our ancestors kissed the stone.
But what’s the good of being Irish
If you can’t let your stories roam?

   My Dad was never too busy
    To bounce me on his knee.
      When I was a little tot
        This was a luxury!

  He never liked to discipline
   He left all that to Mother.
But when we roused his dander up
   We really ran for cover.

  My Dad is just a regular guy
    With faults like any other.
But if I had the world to choose from
    I wouldn’t pick another.

So on this day I send my love.
And since it’s Irish that you be
   I send an Irish greeting …
“Top o’ the morning to ye”

Rita O’Dea Schorr,  June 15, 1941


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