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Countdown to the 12th International O’Dea Clan Gathering
13 to 15 June 2025

If your name is O’Dea, O’Day, O’Dee, Dea, Day or Dee, then you are a member of Clan Uí Deághaidh and this is your Clan Website! A hundred thousand welcomes to you and have a grand time exploring our Website.

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Eire Genealogy Services - Maria O'Brady

Eire Genealogy Services – Maria O’Brady

Éire Genealogy is an independent research agency which provides advice, assistance and commissioned research options, tailored to meet the specific needs of members of the Irish diaspora, worldwide ...


Genealogy Questions

Genealogy Questions

Need help with questions about your O'Dea ancestors? You can submit your questions here ...
The O'Dea Castle

The O’Dea Castle

The authentically restored 15th century Dysert O’Dea castle, the stronghold of the O’Dea clan, houses the Clare Archaeology Centre which was opened in July 1986 and has been the recipient of numerous national awards ...
Clans of Ireland

Clans of Ireland

The Dysert O'Dea Clan is a registered member of the Clans of Ireland ...
Clan History

Clan History

The O'Dea clan came originally from County Clare where there is a fortified tower house over 500 years old known as O'Dea Castle ...
Clan Archives

Clan Archives

Indexes to the O’Dea Clan Archives are available for online access to financial members of the Dysert O'Dea Clan Association ...