Membership Form (New Membership or Membership Renewal)

Dysert O`Dea Clan > Sign up as a New Member or Renew your Membership > Membership Form (New Membership or Membership Renewal)

A New Membership Application or Membership Renewal consists of 2 steps:

  1. A Data Entry step where you enter your membership details.
  2. A Payment step where you enter your payment details.

Once you have submitted your membership form, the PayPal payment page will be displayed so you can submit your payment.

  1. There is no need to login to the Website with a Website username and password to submit a membership application or renewal.
  2. If you wish to pay online, you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to make an online payment.  You can pay using your credit card or debit card.
  3. You can choose to have an Individual Membership or a Family Membership.
  4. A Family Membership includes all the members of the same household.  However, there will be a maximum of two votes to persons of a family/household over 18 years who are paid-up and present at a Clan Gathering.

If you have any questions or concerns about using this form, please contact the Webmaster:

Membership Terms and Conditions: You can view our Membership Terms and Conditions here


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