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Name: Mary Volpone

City: Lititz PA

O’Dea ancestor: Anna Gallagher O’Day

Ancestral county/locale: unknown

Subject: Looking for John J. O’Day of New York USA

Sent: 01/09 01:19 AM

My grandmother Anna Gallagher married John J. O’Day of New York and they had 10 children in Lancaster PA. My mother Anna Germaine Catherine O’Day was their youngest daughter. John died early (well, he did father 10 children) and the family had to move to Philadelphia so the older boys could find work. I would like to know more about the John J. O’Day family but I have just begun to look. I was in Ireland a number of years ago but did not know of this place of the O’Dea’s. My uncles changed the spelling of their name to O’Dea when they went to Philadelphia. I guess they found out something about County Clare then. Wish I could join you in 2004 but maybe next year. Mary Hilley Volpone

Name: Heather O’Dea Grudt

City: St. Paul, MN

Ancestral county/locale: Clare

Subject: Another O’Dea!

O’Dea ancestor: Robert Francis O’Dea Sr.

Sent: 01/28 09:50 PM

Hello! My sister sent me this website and I wanted to let you know that there are a number of O’Dea’s in the St. Paul area. Go O’Dea!

Name: Justine O’Dea

City: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Subject: Even In Canada!!

O’Dea ancestor: unknown

Ancestral county/locale: unknown

Sent: 02/08 05:49 PM

Hello fellow O’Dea’s!! Just proudly exploring my Irish heritage and lettin you all know that the bond streches even to Canada!!!!! -Proudly so, Justine O’Dea

Name: Helen L. Neal

City: Corinth

O’Dea ancestor: Bridgit Anna O’Dea Ronan

Ancestral county/locale: County Clare Ireland

Sent: 02/13 04:47 PM

Looking for info re my g-grandparent Bridgit O’Dea Ronan. She and my g-grandfather Michael Ronan arrived in U.S.A. around 1860-65 and lived in Detroit, Mich. She died in the 1870’s – probably in Michigan. They had several children in Ireland and in the U.S.A. My grandfather was one of them (Thomas)born in Michigan. Don’t know who Bridgit’s parents were in Ireland or where she was born.

Name: Peggy Louise Day-Fulk

City: Bayard, WV

Subject: in search of….

Sent: 02/16 12:18 AM

Hello distant family! My sister sent me the website to check out!! I have always wondered about my heritage and this sheds alot of light… Peace and Happiness to all!!

Name: Amanda Day

City: Atlanta, GA, USA

Subject: Hello to my very extended family!

Sent: 02/17 04:24 AM

I am in my third year of college and was doing a family history project for one of my classes when I came across this page. I impressed everyone when I came back telling them how my family came from Ireland and had a long, wonderful history there. Thank you for all of your help… I got an A on the project!

Name: Kenneth A. O’Day

City: Hampton Twp

Subject: Last of the W-B O’Dea/ O’Day’s passing

Ancestral county/locale: Only go back to Wilkes Barre PA

O’Dea ancestor: Edward

Sent: 02/19 05:42 PM

My dad Edward passed away 02/01/05 in Exeter Pa. He was the last of nine children from Kidder St in Wilkes Barre. Got a little bit straightened out on all the names (first not last as doctors misspelled O’Dea into O’Day). Timothy, lived alone in W-B Pa, Joseph married & divorced in the W-B area, Francis (Frank) a lifer in the Navy- lived around Miami at his death, John, little history, passed away in W-B 1993 or so, William, from Newark NJ and Miami passed away 1987 or so, Helen, teacher in Bear Creek Pa, Kitty (Kilcoyne) from FL passed away late 70’s(?), and Mary (Hudock) from Washington St W-B. Joe had children of whom NONE I know. The Kilcoynes and Hudocks I have contact with. Seems my dad had no birth certificate so Parents names are sketchy, at Tim or William & Katherine (Cavanaugh(?).

Name: Jill Holmquist

City: Neuchatel, Switzerland

Ancestral county/locale: Clare

Subject: Any help appreciated

O’Dea ancestor: Ambrose Day

Sent: 02/20 11:32 AM

Hello, I am picking up from where I left off on research…I have been able to trace my ggg grandfather to Ambrose Day who marrried a Mary Polly Tapp. They had a John Day, who is my gg grandfather. However, I can’t find any more information on Ambrose. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Name: T.J. O’Sullivan

City: Lexington, Ky, USA

O’Dea ancestor: Catherine Pyne nee O’Dea

Ancestral county/locale: Derreen, Co. Clare

Sent: 03/10 04:25 AM

My mother was Elizabeth Catherine Brown, born in 1890 in Tullycrine(Tullycreen)Upper, Co. Clare, immigrated to NYC in 1909. She was the oldest child of John Brown and Mary Anne Pyne whose parents were William Pyne and Catherine nee O’Dea,Tullycrine(Tullycreen)Upper. Sadly, this is the sum total of my knowledge of an O’Dea in my genealogy. A Nathaniel O’Dea appears in the same townland land records but how, or if, he is related to Catherine I have been unable to determine. I would be thankful to know if any of this rings a bell with anyone.

Name: Bob McKague

City: Fayetteville, NC

O’Dea ancestor: Anastasia ODea

Ancestral county/locale: Town Of Cranny, County Clare

Subject: geneology search

Sent: 03/11 05:45 PM

My paternal grandmother was easy to find with such a unique first name and spelling. At age 18 she went through Ellis Island while travelling with the Ryan family also from county Clare. Date of Departure was 23 Sep 1900, enroute to visit a cousin, John Garry in Baltimore Maryland. I have a picture of this very attractive woman and can see why she never made it to Baltimore. My grandfather married her in Brooklyn NY. Died at age 26. What a tragedy. Glad to have found the site hope to contact relatives from Clounty Clare someday

Name: Patricia O’Day Moore

City: Venice, FL

Ancestral county/locale: Clare

O’Dea ancestor: Cornielius O’Dea,Bishop

Sent: 03/15 02:42 AM

Especially enjoyed reading about Patrick O’Dea(1903-1922),who was a long-distance swimmer. I am also a l-d swimmer and former ocean lifeguard. I joined the US Army Nurse Corps in 1980.I live in Venice FL W/my four chilren.Oldest son,Mark joined the US Army, Dec 04. Love to all my family.Prayers for Mark,Cav scout.

Name: patrick o’dea

City: Adelaide South Australia

Ancestral county/locale: Clare

O’Dea ancestor: John O’Dea settled in the Alma area of South Australia

Sent: 03/18 06:04 AM

Trying to trace the connection with the O’dea’s ancestors in Ireland. Will be attending the forth coming reunion.

Name: Ciara O Dea

City: Dublin

O’Dea ancestor: William O Dea

Ancestral county/locale: Tulla Co Clare

Subject: Just want to say hello!

Sent: 03/19 01:04 PM

hey just stumbled on to the site its very cool,considering something so important as heritage can be lost so easily!

Name: Robert Lee O’Dea Jr.

City: Clinton, IL

O’Dea ancestor: Samuel James O’Dea

Ancestral county/locale: b. 1825 Irl

Subject: blanks to fill in

Sent: 03/22 10:15 PM

Here is some of the info on my ancestors. Samuel James O’Dea. b.1825 d.1890 Dewitt co.Il.m. Anna Holden b.1838 brother to John O’Dea, b.1834 d. Quincy IL. soldiers home. brother to-Matthew O’Dea b.1844 d.? m.Maggie Lakey brother to-Thomas O’Dea b. 1858 Iowa? Samuel and Anna had 4 children. James, b.Dec.26,1858, Woodstock, Oh. Dennis O.Dea b.Mar 3, 1856, Champaign co Oh. d.Dec. 5, 1923… Margaret O’Dea, b.Aug 15, 1860 Woodstock Oh. d. 1-24-35 Dewitt Co….Katherine (Annie) O’Dea b.11-6-1863 d.11-24-1929 Info on Dennis. He married Mary Catherine Gambon on 9-29-1878. she was b. 7-26-1854, d.10-21-1950, Dewitt Co,Il. Her parents, Nicholes Gambon, Mary KIley, their children…Margaret, Mary, Anna, Nell, Agnes. Cathreine, James, Lawrence, Dennis (my grandfather), and Leo. Does any one see a connection to any of these folks? I’m going to the Ireland gathering with this info. Any help and info would be very welcome. Thank you.

Name: Kris Lancaster

City: Kansas City, MO

O’Dea ancestor: Jeremiah O’day

Ancestral county/locale: County Clare, Ireland

Subject: ISO of his father and mother info

Sent: 03/28 01:20 AM

Jeremiah O’day was born in 1828 or 1829 and went to Dansville New York in the 1840s and to Clark County, MO in the 1850s. Jeremiah was a union soldier in the Civil War, with the 21st NE Missouri Infantry. Looking for his mother and father information.

Name: Mike Simonds

City: Bellows Falls

O’Dea ancestor: Ira Day

Ancestral county/locale: unknown

Subject: genealogy

Sent: 04/06 07:08 AM

I just found this site , it’s really great. I just returned from a two week vacation to Ireland. My Mothers maiden name is Day , I visited the O’Dea castle but it wasn’t open. I didn’t know much about the clan but and quickly learning , I wish I had known more before I went there. The history of my family is hard to find records in vermont are not all that great. All I can find is my great grandfather Ira Day born in 1880 washington vermont, but can’t find his parents I suspect they where born in ireland. I’d like to return to ireland at the next clan gathering and meet everyone .

Name: Joe O’Dea Jr.

City: Franklinville,NJ…..U.S.A.

O’Dea ancestor: Micheal O’Dea

Ancestral county/locale: Galway

Subject: geneology search

Sent: 04/14 06:03 AM

Looking for any information i can get…Micheal my Grandfather was one of 10 children…..brothers Dennis,Joseph,Will and James….sisters Maggie,Katy,Delia,Jane and Anne….he was born 4/5/1892 in Mountbellew near Galway.

Name: Ali Davis-Valentino (O’Dea)

City: Philadelphia

O’Dea ancestor: Charles O’Dea/Allie B. Day

Ancestral county/locale: Clare

Subject: Searching for roots

Sent: 04/17 07:23 PM

just trying to find my way,by tracing roots of family members.

Name: Martin O’Dea

City: Perkiomenville, PA

O’Dea ancestor: George Francis O’Dea

Ancestral county/locale: Rathkeale, Co Limerick

Sent: 06/24/04 03:58 PM

Looking for info regarding my grandfather George Francis O’Dea. Born in 1884 in Rathkeel, Co .Limerick, emigrated to New York City in 1914. Worked as a plasterer, then fireman. Married Nellie Scully, who later died, then rewed to Rose Byrne from W.Meath. Had brothers in Ireland named Martin, Patrick and Joe, maybe some others. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Changed my e-mail address from a previous message, please send news to this one!

Addendum: 04/25/05 04:23 PM O’Dea ancestor: George Francis O’Dea (1884 – 1951)

Ancestral county/locale: Rathkeale, Co Limerick

Subject: O’Dea Brothers – Martin, Joseph, Patrick & George

Looking for relatives of my grandfather George O’Dea (1884 – 1951). Had three brothers, Martin, Joseph and Patrick. George emigrated to NYC in May of 1908 and met his Aunt Kate. Please write with any info. Slainte!

Name: Melanie Boyles

City: Chesapeake,VA

O’Dea ancestor: Michael Patrick O’Dea

Ancestral county/locale: unknown

Subject: Help

Sent: 05/02 02:22 AM

Help! I am looking for any information about Micheal Patrick O’Dea. I know he is the son Of Patrick and Catherine O’Dea and that he was born in 1839. He married Mary Horan,but I don’t know when or where in Ireland this took place. I know that he had 2 daughters, Bridget and Kate. I have recently come across info that leads me to believe that Kate was born in 1870 in Castlebar, but I have no confirmation on that. The girls married two brothers they met on the passage from Ireland, Anthony and William Foye. I am trying to find any info on the family in Ireland and would appreciate any help out there. Bridget O’Dea Foye was my great-great grandmother

Name: D. Lois Day Harris

City: Dunlap, TN, USA

O’Dea ancestor: William Day

Ancestral county/locale: Morristown, Morris, NJ, USA

Subject: Descendants of Moses Day (b 1804 VA) and Celia Reynolds Day (b 1808 SC)

Sent: 05/04 09:26 PM

I came across a message from Barbara Wright in Slidell, LA in the O’Dea Genealogy site today – the one inquiring about descendants of Moses Day’s and Celia Reynolds Day’s family. I think you may have written it a few years ago. It is dated 12/9 but has no year on it. I believe that this is my paternal grandfather’s line. I believe that my grandfather is James H. Day, the youngest son of Moses and Celia Reynolds Day and grandson of William Day (b 1780 NJ). I am yearning to communicate with other descendants. I can be reached by replying to this email message. I am eager to hear from you.

Name: Patricia O’Dea

City: Cape Town

O’Dea ancestor: Patrick James O’Dea, born 24 March 1871

Ancestral county/locale: County Clare?Kilrush/Kilkee?

Subject: Seek descendants of John, James, Delia or Kate O’Dea, siblings of Patrick James O’Dea.

Sent: 05/21 09:16 PM

My great grandfather was James O’Dea, Provison Merchant Kilrush/Kilkee possibly. He had 5 children: Patrick James, born 1871/03/24; John; James; Delia; and Kate. (not necc in this order)One of the daughters may have been a Catholic nun. Patrick James O’Dea, my grandfather, left Ireland in the early 1900s, and taught in Bexhill, England, and then in Wem, Shropshire, where he eventually owned Tilley House School. He married Margaret Jane Frances in 1908, and they had 3 children: Charles Patrick; Eileen and Nell (Helen). My father was Charles Patrick, born 1909/08/02. He joined the BSAP in Southern Rhodesia in 1930 at the age of 21 years. I seek descendants of James O’Dea ie of Patrick James’ siblings John, James, Delia and Kate.


O’Dea ancestor: jeremiah o’day

Ancestral county/locale: county clare, ire.

Subject: birth record

Sent: 05/22 12:24 AM

Jeremiah O’day came to U.S. in 1848. Brothers were Daniel, Andrew, Michael. Married Margaret Sullivan also from co. clare in Dansville, N.Y. in 1850. Looking for relatives in Ire.

Name: Carol Rowe

City: South Burlington, VT

O’Dea ancestor: Patrick O’Dea

Ancestral county/locale: Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland

Subject: Patrick O’Dea and Honora O’Brien

Sent: 05/22/05 02:09 PM

Patrick O’Dea and Honora O’Brien, were from Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland and probably born around the 1770’s or 1780’s. I am looking for information regarding other children besides their son Timothy who was born around 1818. I am also looking for sibilings for Patrick O’Dea himself and Honora O’Brien as well. Would also like to know if and when they migrated to the United States. Any information greatly appreciated.

Added Query Sent: 06/12/05 03:28 PM O’Dea ancestor: Elizabeth O’Dea

Ancestral county/locale: County Clare, Ireland

Subject: Elizabeth O’Dea and William Wallace

Looking for information regarding the children of Elizabeth O’Dea and William Wallace, married November 5, 1871, either New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. Elizabeth was the daughter of Timothy O’Dea and Mary Flynn, Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland who married in Boston, MA,1842. Elizabeth O’Dea and William Wallace’s daughter, Rose Louise Wallace was born, May 14,1878, Brookline, MA and married Leonard Rowe, October 31, 1904, Boston, MA. Rose Louise Wallace had ten other siblings. Would like to find information on their families.

Name: Carolyn Young

City: Columbus, OH USA

O’Dea ancestor: Ethel M O’Day

Subject: Looking for relatives of Ethel M O’Day

Sent: 05/23 02:46 AM

Ethel M O’Day is my Materal Grandmother. She married Ernest Sargent Shaw and they had 4 children. She was born approximately 1896. I think that Ethel O’Day’s mother’s name was Susan. My oldest sister is named for her. Hope that someone might have more information. I have been looking for relatives of hers and any history of how far away from Ireland we are descended and we may be related to the O’Dea.

Name: Shawn O’Daye

City: Reno, NV

O’Dea ancestor: ????????

Sent: 06/02 09:53 AM

Just wanted to see if I can be a part of your clan.

Name: Madelene McClelland

City: BELL

O’Dea ancestor: James O’dea and Mary O’Malley

Ancestral county/locale: Kilkee

Subject: O’dea family from Kilkee

Sent: 06/09 01:17 AM

Looking for siblings to Thomas O’dea son of James and Mary born 1845 Kilkee

Name: Jeff Fisher

Subject: Thomas O’Day, Galway Ireland, born around 1815

O’Dea ancestor: Thomas O’Day

Ancestral county/locale: Galway

Sent: 06/11 11:41 PM

I am searching for Thomas O’Day information. He was born about 1815, in Galway Ireland. He married Bridget. They had two children, Patrick O’Day born around 1846 and Mary O’Day, born around 1843. Around 1850 they all moved to Ulverston, Lancashire, England. If you have any more information about Thomas or Bridget…please email me!

Name: E. O’Leary

City: Sydney

O’Dea ancestor: Catherine Dee

Ancestral county/locale: Waterford

Subject: Dee & Hanton connection

Sent: 06/15 12:24 AM

In my family tree I have a Catherine Dee (c. 1874 – c. 1942) from Waterford city who married Patrick Hanton from Co. Wexford. She had a sister Mary Anne and possibly five other siblings including one called John. Her father was a James Dee who died in 1922. He had two pubs on Mayor’s Walk in Waterford, but may have been born in Ballyphilip in Dunhill parish. He firstly married Margaret O’Donovan and later a lady called Gorman from Tramore. There are a number of people called Dee and Hanton in Dunhill parish according to Griffith’s Valuation, and I suspect the Hanton & Dee connection may have been established by then. Does anyone else have any of the Dees in their tree or any connection to any Hantons?

Name: Mike and Mary Armstrong

City: woodbury,MN

Subject: where patrick was from

Ancestral county/locale: Cty Clare or Cork, Ireland

O’Dea ancestor: Patrick O’Dea

Sent: 06/15 05:20 PM

Looking for info on Patrick O’Dea, born about 1822-1827,Came to America in apx 1839, spent time in NY, came to Minnesota in 1850s, married Ellen Cogan from NY,(Not sure of spelling,)in 1867,in San Francisco township, Faxon MN. He died in MN 1922. Trying to trace him back to Ireland.

Name: Joyce Barry

City: Virginia Beach, VA

O’Dea ancestor: Bishop Edward J. O’Dea, Seattle, WA

Ancestral county/locale: Limerick

Subject: Searching the Bishop’s father

Sent: 06/24 03:54 AM

I am a first cousin, twice removed to Bishop Edward J. O’Dea. His mother, Mary Ellen Kelly was a sister to my Great grandfather, Michael Kelly. I would like to know if anyone in this O’Dea clan in Ireland may have any information on the Bishop’s father, Edward O’Dea who is believed to be from County Limerick, born April 2,1833, father’s name , Edward. Mary Ellen Kelly, known as Ellen, was born about 1833 in Roscommon. Her father’s name was Patrick. This information is in their marriage records in Massachusetts. Thank you for any information or connections you may have.

Name: James Chester Day

City: Saint John N.B. Canada

O’Dea ancestor: ?

Ancestral county/locale: ?

Subject: The Day Family

Sent: 06/24 10:37 PM

I have no information past Captain Edward Day, who rode the Victoria Steamboat on the Saint John river around 1854, Married to Annie May, two sons, “George Leonard” and “Henry Allan”. Would love to know who his parents are and where or which part of this world they were from etc… It is a pleasure to finally stumble onto this wonderful page of my history.

Name: Marian Cronin

City: Mallow, Co. Cork.

O’Dea ancestor: My Father Benny O,Dea

Ancestral county/locale: Co Cork

Subject: From Clare to Cork

Sent: 06/25 07:04 AM

I’m trying to trace the move of my branch from Clare to Cork. We seem to be here for at least 5 generations. We are hoping to make the gathering this year.


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