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Document Number Title of Article Author
1/1 “Developments for the Future” Cronin, Richard
1/1 “A Letter from the Chairman” O’Dea, James
1/1 “Dysert O’Dea Clan Association” O’Dea, Damien; O’Dea, James; O’Sullivan, John
1/1 “The O’Dea Clan Gathering 1990, July 6th- 10th”  O’Dea, Bernard
1/1 “O’Dea Clan Sales Office” Cronin, Richard
1/1 “People Who Registered for the First O’Dea Clan Gathering 1990”  
1/1 “Dysert O’Dea Clan Association Application Form” The Secretary
1/1 “Message from the Chief” O’Day, Jack
1/2 “Message from the Chieftain” O’Day, John
1/2 “Arms of the Irish Clans/The Family Name of O’Dea”  
1/2 “Return to Clare” O’Dea Henuer, Elisabeth
1/2 “Finding the Castle” O’Day, John
1/2 “O’Dea Clan Sales Office” Ua Cronin, Risteard
1/2 “Set Your Sights”  
1/2 “A Helping Hand, Please”  
1/2 “Our Castle”  
1/2 “Quotes from the First Clan Gathering” O’Dea, Jim; O’Day, Tom; O’Day, Cecil
1/2 “The Winding Staircase”  
1/2 “Our Thanks to You”  
1/2 “Knighthood”  
1/2 “The Wonder of Ireland”  
1/2 “Information Wanted:  The Four O’Dea Brothers from Ballygannor, Co Clare” O’Dea, Domhnall
 1/3 “Christmas Greetings 1993” O’Day, John
 1/3 “Message from the Clan Chairman” O’Dea, James
 1/3 “Dysart O’Dea Clan Association Constitution” Clan Members
 1/3 “For These are my Mountains and I’m Going Home” O’Day, P.
 1/3 “O’Dea: The Story of a Rebel Clan” O’Day, P.
 1/3 “Irish Reflections” O’Day Reller, Echo
 1/3 “Introduction to the Annals of the Four Masters”  
 1/3 “Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland” The Four Masters
 1/3 “The Irish Crown Jewels” O’Dea, Vincent Rev.
 1/3 “Second O’Dea Clan Gathering July 10th-12th”  
 1/3 “Untitled Poem” Steiner O’Day, Arlene
 1/3 “The National Library of Ireland” O’Dea, James
 1/3 “Treasury” O’Dea, Damien
1/4 “Officers of the Dysert O’Dea Clan Association”  
1/4 “Editorial” O’Dea, James
1/4 “Letter from our Chieftain” O’Day, John
1/4 “Letter from the Chairman” O’Dea, James
1/4 “Report on the O’Dea Clan Gathering July 1993” Ua Cronin, Risteard
1/4 “Dysert O’Dea Clan Association Constitution”  
1/4 “Clare Champion/Dom Bernard O’Dea”  
1/4 “The O’Dea Clan Inaugural Golf Competition”  O’Dea, Michael
1/4 “From Our Correspondents”  
1/4 “Dysert O’Dea’s Loss, Kilmihil’s Gain” Cotter, Paddy
1/4 “National Archives Ireland” O’Dea, James
1/4 “Repository for O’Dea Reference Materials”  
1/4 “Dysert O’Dea Clan Association Membership Form” O’Dea, Damien
1/4 “List Of Participants in the 1993 O’Dea Clan Gathering”  
1/4 “Free Entry to Dysert O’Dea Castle”  
1/5 “Officers Of The Dysert O’Dea Clan Association”  
1/5 “Representatives”  
1/5 “Editorial” O’Dea, James
1/5 “Greetings From Our Chieftain” O’Day, John B.
1/5 “From the Chairman” O’Dea, James
1/5 “Treasurer’s Report” O’Dea, Damien
1/5 “Material Relating to O’Dea Clan Deposited at the Local Studies Centre, Ennis” Comber, Maureen
1/5 “Family Research” Comber, Maureen
1/5 “Definitive Book on the History Of Co. Clare” Comber, Maureen
1/5 “Who Do You Think You Are?” Angelini, June
1/5 “Editor’s Note”  
1/5 “Parish of Solohead, Co. Tipperary. Your Assistance Please”  
1/5  ” A Class of Our Own” O’Dea, Patrick
1/5 “Mafia Connections?”  
1/5 “Shamrock County” Baker, Esme
1/5 “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” O’Dea, Michael D.
1/5 “Lady Sings The Blues?”  
1/5 “For Your Listening Pleasure”  
1/5 “Famous O’Deas”  
1/5 “An O’Dea Intoxicated by the Exuberance of his Own Verbosity?” Cotter, Paddy & Maura
1/5 “Future Clan Tánaiste Goes Croc Hunting In Brazil” O’Dea, Michael
1/5 “Free Entry to Dysert O’Dea Castle”  
1/5 “Available from the Dysert O’Dea Castle”  
1/5 “From Our Correspondents”  
1/5 “Bequest to Dysert O’Dea Museum”  
1/5 “Your Assistance Please” O’Dea, James
1/6 “Editorial” O’Dea, James
1/6 “From Our Chieftain” O’Day, John
1/6 “From Our Chairman” O’Dea, James
1/6 “Treasurer’s Report” O’Dea, Damien
1/6 “Chieftain and Enterprise Board to the Point” Ua Croinin, Risteard
1/6 “Mamie Haier (R.I.P.)” Cotter, Paddy
1/6 “A Letter from Edward O’Dea” O’Day, Edward J.
1/6 “Genealogical Record Keeping” O’Dea, Tom
1/6 “Editor’s Note”  
1/6 “From Our Correspondents”  
1/6 “Can You Help Tom Down Under?”  
1/6 “New Materials Sought”  
1/6 “Famous O’Days”  
1/6 “Competition” O’Dea, James
1/7 “Officers of the Dysert O’Dea Clan Association”  
1/7 “Representatives”  
1/7 “Editorial”  
1/7 “Letter From Our Chieftain” O’Day, John
1/7 “Treasurer’s Report” O’Dea, Damien
1/7 “Letter From Our Chairman” O’Dea, James
1/7 “Archaeological Excavations at Dysert O’Dea 1995” Ua Croinin, Risteard
1/7 “The 3rd O’Dea International Clan Gathering”  
1/7 “From Our Correspondents”  
1/7 “Materials Relating to O’Dea Clan Deposited at the Ennis Local Studies Centre, Ennis” Comber, Maureen
1/7 “Shipping Lists and the Genealogist” O’Dea, Ed
1/7 “The Case of the O’Dea Millions”  O’Dea, James
1/7 “More O’Dea Bishops” O’Dea, James
1/7 “Family History – Church History : The Link”  
1/7 “For the Record”   
1/7 “Competition”  
1/7 “Free Entry to Dysert O’Dea Castle”  
1/7 “Available from the Dysert O’Dea Castle”  
1/7 “Celtic Quiz”  
1/7 “Veteran Returns to Iwo Jima” Scarborough, Mark
1/7 “Brother’s Net Loss Is His Sister’s Gain: Siblings Coaches Face Off In Va. Youth League” Smith, Leef
1/8 “Officers of the Dysert O’Dea Clan Association”  
1/8 “Representatives”  
1/8 “Clan Gathering Programme”  
1/8 “Editorial”  
1/8 “Letter From Our Chieftain” O’Dea, John Bartholomew Jr.
1/8 “Letter From Our Chairman”  
1/8 “Treasurer’s Report” O’Dea, Damien
1/8 “Identical Namesakes” O’Dea, Damien
1/8 “From Our Correspondents”  
1/8 “O’Deas in the American Civil War”  O’Dea, Thomas E.
1/8 “Ed O’Days Column” O’Day, Ed
1/8 “Addendum – Some O’Dea Trivia”  O’Day, Ed
1/8 “Birth, Death & Marriage Records & the Family Historian” O’Dea, James
1/8 “Clan Archive “  
1/8 “O’Dea, Rt. Rev. Edward John , D. D. “  
1/8 “One Second in the Life of Paul O’Dea” August, Bob
1/8 “Our Irish Cousin”  O’Day, James F.
1/8 “Editor Retires”  
1/8 “Dr Murray New Bishop of Limerick”  
1/8 “Clare Man Features in RHA Show”  
1/8 “Olympic Vet” O’Dea, J.
1/8 “James Lawrence O’Dea”  Coakley, Professor D.
1/8 Charles Van de Motter Jr.  
1/8 “Cecile O’Day”  
1/8 “For the Record”   
1/8 “Dysert O’Dea 1318”  
1/8 “Getting Ireland on the Internet”   
1/8 “Quiz”   
1/8 “Pen-Pals Wanted”  
1/8 “Available from the Dysert O’Dea Castle”  
1/8 “Officers of the Dysert O’Dea Clan Association”  
1/9 “Representatives”  
1/9 “Editorial” O’Dea, James
1/9 “From Our Chieftain” O’Dea, Michael
1/9 “From Our Chairman” O’Dea, James
1/9 “From Our Committee”  
1/9 “The 1996 O’Dea Clan Gathering” Ua Cronin, Risteard
1/9 “Greatest Discovery of the Weekend”  
1/9 “Greatest Achievement of the Weekend”  
1/9 “Clan Members Suggestions for Future O’Dea Clan Gathering”  
1/9 “Quote Of The Weekend”  
1/9 “Treasurer’s Report”  
1/9 “From Our Correspondents”  
1/9 “O’Dea Clan on the Web?”  
1/9 “O’Dea Pioneering Spirit Down Under” O’Dea, James
1/9 “O’Dea Treasures Finally Find a Home” O’Dea, James
1/9 “You Meet Them Everywhere” O’Dea, Donald
1/9 “Canon O’Dea – A GAA Enthusiast”  O’Dea, Frank
1/9 “Cecile Ianda Parameter O’Day”   
1/9 “Dysart O’Dea Castle Entrance Stone”  
1/9 “Exchanging Passion for a Nice Cup of Tea”  
1/9 “Ursula Doyle O’Dea”  
1/9 “O’Deas and Irish Theatre”  O’Dea, Jennifer
1/9 “O’Dea High School”  
1/9 “Kissing Cousins!?”  
1/9 “Kissing Cousins!?”  
1/9 “Can You Help?”  
1/9 “The Clan, Ennis 1996”  
1/9 “Clan Connections”  
1/10 “Officers of the Dysert O’Dea Clan Association”  
1/10 “Representatives”  
1/10 “Chieftain Greetings” O’Dea, Michael
1/10 “From Our Chairman” O’Dea, James
1/10 “Treasurer’s Report” O’Dea, Damien
1/10 “Editorial” O’Dea, James
1/10 “Ireland”  
1/10 “Inside Ireland”  
1/10 “Can You Help Identify the Padre ?  
1/10 “Paul T. O’Day at AIC Ceremony Stephenson, D.L.
1/10 “Dysert Banqueting Hall”  
1/10 “The World Book of O’Deas… A Scam?  
1/10 “Break – In At Dysert O’Dea Castle”  
1/10 “Clare Champions”  
1/10 “Arches and Art”  
1/10 “The Local Studies Centre, Ennis” Comber, Maureen
1/10 “CLASP: Breathing Life into the Landscape of Co Clare” O’Dea, James
1/10 “Master John O’Dea of Angela’s Ashes “ O’Dea, James
1/10 “Ann O’Day Maples, 1880 – 1996” O’Day, Anderson
1/10 “Frank Discovery” Shanley, Frank Rev.
1/10 “The Irish Diaspora in Latin America” O’Dea, Thomas E.
1/10 “John O’Dea”  
1/10 “The Importance of Being Earnest”  
1/10 “Indian Ocean Experience”  
1/10 “Spooks on Screen at Dysert O’Dea Castle”  
1/10 “From Our Correspondents”  
1/10 “Obituaries”  
1/10 “Wedding”  
1/10 “Births”  
1/10 “Sue is Doing it for You”  
1/10 “Can You Help?”  
1/10 “E-Mail Addresses”  
1/10 “Clan Connections”  
1/11 “Officers of the Dysert O’Dea Clan Association”  
1/11 “Representatives”  
1/11 “Editorial” O’Dea, James
1/11 “From Our Chieftain” O’Dea, Michael
1/11 “From Our Tánaiste” O’Day, Bill
1/11 “From Our Tánaiste”  
1/11 “From Our Chairman” O’Dea, James A.
1/11 “Treasurer’s Report” O’Dea, Damien
1/11 “Obituaries” O’Dea, James
1/11 “Katleen Cecelia O’Dea “ O’Dea, Danny
1/11 “Vincent O’Dea, an Appreciation”  
1/11 “Mary O’Halloran Successor to Dick Cronin”  
1/11 “Dick Cronin or Risteard Ua Croinin, Where is he now?  
1/11 “Clan Gathering 1999”   
1/11 “Accommodation for the Clan Gathering”  
1/11 “The Story of the Web” O’Day, Kate
1/11 “O’Dea Poet Waxes Lyrical About the Clan. He muses that the Editor Deserves to Swim in Mead Bath!”  
1/11 “Mick O’Dea and the RHA”  
1/11 “Julia the Cutler”  
1/11 “Dysert Tola and Its Environs” Murhadha, Sean
1/11 “Big Dan O’Dea” Mahon, William
1/11 “From Our Correspondents”  
1/11 “The O’Dea Archive”  
1/11 “Can You Help?”  
1/11 “On the Elusive Trail” Kraus, Elisabeth
1/11 “The World of Days Association”  Day, Raymond
1/11 “John Francis O’Dea (1803-1895) of Barefield and Humphrey’s Springs, Australia” McKenna, Edna
1/11 “Place Names, Family Names and the Genealogist” O’Day, Ed
1/11 “Battle of Dysert”  
1/12 “Officers of the Dysert O’Dea Clan Association 1996-99”  
1/12 “Clan Gathering 1999 Programme of Events”   
1/12 “Dysert Clan Association Constitution”  
1/12 “From Our Chieftain” O’Dea, Michael
1/12 “Editorial” O’Dea, James
1/12 “Election of Clan Officers ’99”  
1/12 “From Our Chairman” O’Dea, James
1/12 “Treasure’s Report” Cotter, Paddy
1/12 “Mary O’Halloran, Clan Gathering Organiser”  
1/12 “Daniel O’Dea Memorial”  
1/12 “Dick and Helen Cronin”  
1/12 “Ireland for Beginners”  
1/12 “O’Who? O’Where?, More on Names and Places” O’Day Ed
1/12 “Correction Down Under”  
1/12 “James and Anne (nee Stckpool) O’Dea”  
1/12 “The Local Studies Centre, Ennis” Comber, Maureen
1/12 “Can You Help?”  
1/12 “First Native American Clan Members?”  
1/12 “The Editor’s Crash”  
1/12 “From Our Correspondents”  
1/12 “One Hundred Years of Laughter”  
1/12 “Dear Frankie…”  
1/12 “Mick’s Portraits of the Artist”  
1/12 “Dysert Tola and Its Environs” O’Murchadha, Sean
1/13 “Editorial” O’Dea, James
1/13 “5th O’Dea Triennial Clan Gathering July 5-8, 2002, Ennis”  
1/13 “Officers of the Dysert O’Dea Clan Association 1999-02”  
1/13 “From Our Chieftain” O’Day, Bill
1/13 “From Our Chairman”  
1/13 “O’Dea Clan Gathering Washington DC, July 29, 2000”  
1/13 “New Members and Membership Renewals” O’Dea, James
1/13 “Reunion”  
1/13 “Clare Co Library Website… Well Worth a Look”  
1/13 “Inside Ireland”  
1/13 “Best Sellers in Ireland March 2001”  
1/13 “Think that you can do a better job than this?”  
1/13 “The Sick List”  
1/13 “Thank You”  
1/13 “Events in 2000”   
1/13 “The O’Dea Family in Canada” Vail Day, Meg
1/13 “From the Desk of Ed O’Day, Clan Genealogist”  O’Day, Ted
1/13 “The Power of Dirt” Hogan, Ann
1/13 “O’Dea, The Story of a Rebel Clan” Ua Croinin, Risteard
1/13 “Clare’s New Architectural Conservation Officer”  
1/13 “The O’Dea Clan and Military History” O’Dea, Michael
1/13 “Fame and Fanny O’Dea’s”   
1/13 “The Hero Who Disappeared” Davis, Mac
1/13 “The Late Don Bernard O’Dea OSB”  
1/13 “The French Connection?”  
1/13 “From Our Correspondents”  
1/14 “Editorial” O’Dea, James
1/14 “From Our Chieftain” O’Day, Bill
1/14 “From Our Chairman” O’Dea, James
1/14 “Tuesday, September 11, 2001”  
1/14 “FDNY Support”  O’Dea, Joe
1/14 “Finances”  
1/14 “The Euro”  
1/14 “Membership Fees 2002”  
1/14 “New Members and Membership Renewals” O’Dea, James
1/14 “Clan Gathering 2002”  
1/14 “Tracing Your Irish Roots”  
1/14 “Patrick O’Dea (1845-1900), Kilkee, Co Clare” O’Dea, Tom
1/14 “O’Dea, The Story of a Rebel Clan” Cronin, Richard
1/14 “Co Clare’s New Architectural Conservation Officer”  
1/14 “Tokyo Brach of the O’Dea Clan”   
1/14 “Youth Olympics Spain 2001”  
1/14 “Kilkee’s Economy in the 19th Century” O’Dea, Tom
1/14 “Deaths”  
1/14 “Births”  
1/14 “The Case of the O’Dea Millions”   
1/14 “Get Well”  O’Dea, James A.
1/14 “Engagement”  
1/14 “Montana Law Enforcer”  
1/14 “Fr Donald O’Dea Honoured”  
1/14 “O’Dea’s on the Net”  
1/14 “O’Dea Clan Web Site”   
1/14 “Have you Changed Adress?”  
1/14 “Our Next Edition”  
1/14 “Your Family Tree”  
1/14 “How to Contact Us?”  
1/14 “From Our Correspondents”  
1/15 “Officers of the Dysert O’Dea Clan Association 1999-02”  
1/15 “Editorial” O’Dea, James A.
1/15 “New Members and Membership Renewals” O’Dea, James
1/15 “Where Are They Now?  
1/15 “Three Cousins Win Bulk of the O’Dea Estate”  
1/15 “From Our Chieftain” O’Day, Bill
1/15 “From Our Chairman” O’Dea, James A.
1/15 “Long Battle for O’Dea Millions Finally Closes”  
1/15 “Deaths”  
1/15 “Rush of Claimants”  
1/15 “The ANZAC O’Deas”  
1/15 “The Polish Connection” O’Dea Kravchenko, Hanya
1/15 “Dysert O’Dea from the Four Masters”  
1/15 “President Sean T. Kelly and his O’Dea Connections”  
1/15 “Bonny Prince Charlie and his wife, Marguerite O’Dea D’Audibert de Lussan, Comtesse de Massillin”  
1/15 “From the Desk of the Clan Historian”  
1/15 “We are not all from Co Clare you know!”  
1/15 “Laurels for Dysert O’Dea Castle Project”  
1/15 “Tribute to Dom Bernard O’Dea, OSB”  
1/15 “For Dom Bernard O’Dea” O’Day, Michael
1/15 “News”  
1/15 “The Mick Austin O’Deas”  
1/15 “French Connection”  
1/15 “Willie O’Dea, Minister of State”  
1/16 “Foreword from our Chieftain” O’Day, Andy
1/16 “New Members and Membership Renewals” O’Dea, James
1/16 “The Elusive One” Koeching, Joan
1/16 “Obituary”  
1/16 “Business News”  
1/16 “Members Feedback” O’Dea Lippert, Peg
1/16 “Around the world in Photos!”  
1/16 “Clare County Archives”  
1/16 “O’Day a Mick from the Sod” Engel, Dave
1/16 “An Epic Day” O’Dea, Edward
1/16 “Drawing the Descendants of Brian Buru Together”  Deegan, Gordon
1/16 “A Day at the Races”  
1/16 “The Mysterious O’Dea Brothers” Kraus, Elisabeth
1/16 “Early Life in Victoria, Australia”  
1/16 “An Explosion After the Football Game”  
1/16 “What’s in the Future?”  
1/16 “Dea Lane” Dea, Brian
1/16 “Barbs and Bull’s Eyes”  
1/16 “Daniel Big, Dan O’Day, of Standard Oil” Ward, John E.
1/16 “Memorial Plaques: A Tribute to a Fallen Hero”  
1/16 “Heraldry and the Shield in Medieval Times” O’Dea, Jenny
1/16 “Results of the Questionary”  
1/16 “Officers of the Dysert O’Dea Clan Association 2002-2005”  


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