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  • There are two types of membership: Individual and Family/Household memberships.
  • An Individual Membership means one adult living in the one household.
  • A Family Membership means one or more adults and any number of children living in the same household.
  • If you choose an Individual Membership, you will be entitled to one vote when attending a Clan Gathering.
  • If you choose a Family Membership, you will be entitled to one vote per adult when attending a Clan Gathering with a maximum of two votes for the household.
  • The membership fee is currently the same for both Individual and Family memberships.
  • The membership fee is the same for New Memberships and Renewals.
  • Members can elect to receive the Clan Newsletter by Email or by Post.  The membership fee is currently the same in each case.
  • New rates as from 1 July 2018: Individual = €35.00, Family = €35.00.
  1. Access to Clan members throughout the world for exchanging information about the history and genealogy, ancient and modern, of the O’Dea Clan.
  2. Regular issues of the Clan Newsletter which will be sent to you by post or email.
  3. As a member you will receive a discount on registration fees for attendance at Clan Gatherings in Ireland.
  4. The right to vote at Clan Gatherings including voting for the Taoiseach (Clan Chieftain).
  5. Members have access to the full range of website facilities including Private Forums for members-only discussions.
  • The effective start date of a membership is the 1st of July of the year in which the Clan Gathering is held.
  • The current membership term is 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2025.
  • If you join today, your membership term will be from today to 30 June 2025.
  • The next Triennium starts on 1 July 2025.
  • There is no need to logon to the website with your website username and password to submit a membership application or renewal.
  • You CAN pay for your online membership application or renewal using your Credit Card or Debit Card.
    • We can ONLY accept Credit Card and Debit Card payments online via this website.
    • We CANNOT accept Credit Card and Debit Card payments by phone, by email, by post or in person.
    • You DON’T need to have a PayPal account to use your Credit Card or Debit Card.
    • If you DO have a PayPal account, you can use your PayPal account balance, your Bank account, your Credit Card or Debit Card as the source of funds for your payment.
  • If you DO NOT wish to pay online, you can download and print a membership application/renewal form and pay by Cheque/Check.
  • You can view the Clan Constitution here: Clan Constitution
  • If you have any questions about membership of the Dysert O’Dea Clan Association, you can contact the Secretary here: Contact the Secretary
  • If you need help with other payment options, you can contact the Treasurer here: Contact the Treasurer


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