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Name: Dennis M. Dee
City: Shelby, Ohio
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale: County Kerry, Ireland
Sent: 01/10 07:31 PM

Am searching my family clan. My Grandfather was John Joseph. Dee born 1881 County Kerry. Ireland. I believe I have ties to the O’Dea Clan.

Name: Hilda O’Dea, Maddens
O’Dea ancestor: Michael O’Dea..My Dad
Ancestral county/locale: Tullamore
Sent: 01/19 09:45 AM

My grandfather O’Dea was a garde in Tullamore. Dad attended the Christian Bros. College in Dublin. My Dad and Mother (Jane Daly) moved to England in the late 20s. My sisters and I were on the stage in London in our youth. Does anyone know of my Dad’s family or relatives in the USA

Name: David O’Dea
City: Cape Town
O’Dea ancestor: Don’t know
Ancestral county/locale: Clare
Sent: 01/22 06:40 AM

May everyone make the very best of their lives.

Name: Patricia
City: Auckland new zealand
O’Dea ancestor:
alice elizabeth
Ancestral county/locale: illford
essex london
Sent: 01/26 12:47 AM

hi all, my great grandparents were David and Louisa DAY from Whitechapple and Ilford areas in London. Hope someone can help me, kind reguards Patricia

Name: Traci Elder O’Dea
City: Baltimore, MD USA
O’Dea ancestor: My father, Thomas Patrick O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 02/04 08:50 AM

Hooray for the O’Deas.

Name: James F Day
City: La Porte, Indiana
O’Dea ancestor: Elias Richard O’Day
Ancestral county/locale: Kentucky
Sent: 02/04 09:21 PM

Just starting genealogy. I want to visit Ireland next Sept.

Name: George Hanlon
City: Carver, MA ,USA
O’Dea ancestor: Michael (O’Brien) O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: Kilfenora, County Clare
Sent: 02/12 10:43 PM

Michael O’Dea, my maternal grandfather, was born and raised in Ballykeel South, Kilfenora, in 1851, the eldest of the five children of Terence O’Dea and Bridget (O’Brien) O’Dea, who were married in Kilfenora, July 5, 1850. Michael’s siblings, in the order of their births: Mary, 1852; John, 1853; Bridget, 1855; and Thomas, 1858. Thomas O’Dea married Catherine O’Donohue, March 2, 1897, in Corofin. The couple lived on the farm in Ballykeel South, which Thomas inherited. Corofin Heritage Center records show four children born in this family, including the late Terence, of Ahasla, Maurice’s Mills, born 1902, who died in 1978. Most of Terence O’Dea’s family and descendants live in the Ennis area.

Name: Genevieve Hayes
City: Tallaght, Dublin
O’Dea ancestor: Maternal Grandmother – Brigid (Dilly) O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: Inagh, Co Clare
Sent: 02/15 04:27 PM

Grandma O’Dea is doing fine and will be 98 in March. C U in July 2005.

Name: maureen mccarthy
City: staten island, new york
O’Dea ancestor: john o’dea
Ancestral county/locale: glenmore kilmihil
Sent: 02/16 02:03 PM

great grandfather roger o’dea married mary corey grandfather john roger o’dea married margaret donahue father involved in the john breen incident when is next clan meeting?

Name: Kimberly Day
City: Swanton, Ohio
O’Dea ancestor: Irvin Day
Ancestral county/locale: Fayette co.
Sent: 03/01 10:54 PM

I would like to know more about the O’Day, Day family and my grand father and so on.

Name: Dora Davina Francis O’Dea
City: southampton hants uk
O’Dea ancestor: John Michael Kevin O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 03/13 10:40 AM

Hi, I’m the eighth of nine O’Dea’s born to John Michael Kevin O’Dea and Dora Mabel(nee Graham) who moved from Kimmage Dublin to Birmingham UK in 40’s any of my Dublin Clan out there?

Name: Catlyn O’Day Preston
City: Merrill WI (now Marquette MI)
O’Dea ancestor: John B. O’Day
Ancestral county/locale: Clare
Sent: 03/13 05:27 PM

Just checking up on the site — lots of new posts! Hello to all — hope to see you in 2005.

Name: Jennifer O’Dea
City: Paterson, NJ
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 03/30 09:59 PM

Hello, I am the last O’Dea in my family and am looking for info on my family. I am Jennifer O’Dea. My father is boat racer Richard O’Dea and my grandfather was Edgar O’Dea, all of Paterson, NJ. I believe my grandfather’s brother was James O’Dea. Edgar O’Dea owned a radio station, I believe it the the 23 radio station in the USA. WADO.
Looking for distant relatives, Jennifer O’Dea

O’Dea ancestor: MARY O’DEA
Ancestral county/locale: BORN IN BELFAST (AUGUST 1957)
Sent: 04/06 05:32 PM

I hope to attend my first Clan Gathering in July 2005. take Care & God Bless ! 


Name: rosemary o’day
City: edinburgh.scotland
O’Dea ancestor: grandfather, john o’day
Ancestral county/locale: not sure
Sent: 04/09 01:38 PM

hi to all out there i am searching for more info on my grandfather, when i find out more i will add it on thanks

Name: katie o’dea
City: australia
O’Dea ancestor: o’dea
Ancestral county/locale: Australia
Sent: 04/13 02:00 AM

i Am 17 and really instrend in family history, if you could help me out it would be great….. thankz

Name: Kenneth A. O’Day
City: Hampton Township (Sussex) NJ
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 04/15 07:53 PM

Updating my e-mail address & latest habitat.

Name: Rebecca Baillie
City: Austin, TX
O’Dea ancestor: Patrick O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: Galway/Kahir Leistrum
Sent: 04/18 11:46 PM

My paternal great-grandfather was born on March 17,1828 in Kahir Leistrum,Galway County and died Aug 28, 1896 in Madison WI USA. He married his second wife, Ellen McHugh (born on May 17, 1831 in Shrule, Mayo County), in 1862 in Madison, WI. He had 2 sisters, Mary and Kate both married before 1846, and 2 brothers, Martin and Thomas (who went to Austrailia) and Michael who came to the USA; we don’t know what happened to Michael.

Name: A. R. Gelabert
City: Tallahassee
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 04/26 07:17 PM

I am looking for any of Pat O’Dea’s (Phillip Patrick ) family from St. Louis and to find where he rests. He died in late 1974 after graduating from Loyola University in New Orleans and enrolling at Georgetown in DC.

Name: Patricia O’Dear
City: Illinois
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 05/01 06:17 AM

I am new to the ancestral searching and have found limited info on our O’Dear family before the Civil War. Does anyone know if this is a variation, typo?

Name: Timothy O’Dea
City: Napa, CA
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale: Clare
Sent: 05/09 08:43 PM

Trying to find any information…my father is Norman Raymond O’Dea of Nebraska (Omaha?). I’m not sure of my Grandmother’s name..not a lot to go on but any information would be helpful. I think that she ran a boarding house during the depression. Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can render.

Name: Helen Madrid
City: Albuquerque, New Mexico
O’Dea ancestor: Michael Martin Dea
Ancestral county/locale: ? The Rock ?
Sent: 05/24 12:19 AM

Hello, I have just begun this search and am thrilled to find this site! My Grandfather is Michel Martin Dea he Married Rachel Hillis and they lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I must add…Awesome Grandparents! I am the youngest child of Dorothy Agnes Dea Woods. Thanks!

Name: Joe Proudman
City: Buffalo N.Y.
O’Dea ancestor: Dee
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 05/31 01:13 PM

My Grandmother was a DEE Her Father was John his was Timothy 

Name: Thomas Edward O’Dea
City: Mamaroneck, NY
O’Dea ancestor: Conor
Ancestral county/locale: Clare
Sent: 06/14 05:32 PM                           

(Entry only – no message or query)

Name: Sean Patrick Dee
City: Buffalo NY and Bloomfield CT
O’Dea ancestor: John Dee, Thomas Dee
Ancestral county/locale: Dungarvan, Co. Waterford
Sent: 06/17 08:06 PM

Father: John Patrick Dee, Buffalo, NY
Grandfather: Thomas R. Dee, Buffalo NY
Grandfather siblings: Elizabeth Dee; John Edward Dee; Patrick Dee; Madeline Dee

Name: Brian O’Dea
City: Gatton, Queensand Australia.
O’Dea ancestor: Patrick O’Dea m Mary Lacy
Ancestral county/locale: Ballyvaughan County Clare
Sent: 06/20 12:00 AM

My second try. My grandfather, Thomas O’Dea m Bridgit [O’Dowd] Came to Aust with his brother John and his family. Don’t know of other members of the family in Ireland.Love to hear from someone from Ballyvaughan. Visited twice and hope to go back.

Name: Sherrie O’Dea Willhite
City: Paris, Texas
O’Dea ancestor: Don O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: unknown
Sent: 06/21 11:42 AM

My grandfather was Don Buell O’Dea and I’m not sure but I think my great grandfather’s name was Clanton Fulton O’Dea he had three sons which were Clifton,Clarence, and Don.I just started trying to research my family tree and found this website. Most of the members of my immediate family have passed on and I don’t have a lot of information to go on so any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sherrie O’Dea

Name: Mike
City: Manchester
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 06/21 03:16 PM

Trying to track a friend of mine, Donna O’dea. Interested to hear what she’s doing these days. Must be 8 years since we last saw each other…..

Name: Philip F. O’Day
City: Springfield,Mo
O’Dea ancestor: John Francis O’Day
Ancestral county/locale:
Limerick, Ireland
07/07 10:09 AM                                           

(No message)

Name: Patricia
City: St.Johns, NF
O’Dea ancestor: Micheal
Ancestral county/locale: County Clare
Sent: 07/17 06:42 PM

Lived Half My Life In NY State, if there are any O’dea decendants who would like to share family history, forward to my e-mail please! This is my first time on the internet, and I have been looking FOR A LONG TIME for information on the family history, this site helped me a lot and is awesome!…THANK YOU!

Name: Kay Tutewohl
City: Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA
O’Dea ancestor: Beatrice
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 07/21 09:15 PM

Name: Renae O’Dea
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 08/05 02:35 PM

Hi! I am just turning 18 and i want to know where my ancestors came from. I dont know who my O’Dea ancestor is or where my ancestral county is. Please help

Name: Shawn Day
City: Yakima, WA
O’Dea ancestor: Unknown
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 08/08 08:06 AM

Im seeking information regarding my ancestors. My Great Grandfather was George Lean Day (10/23/1889-4/30/1949). All I have been able to learn is that an ancestor changed name upon reaching America. He dropped the O from O’Day. If anyone can help it would be much apreciated

Name: Rebecca O’Day
City: Lockport, New York
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 08/22 10:32 PM

My father is James Alfred O’Day, an orphan, raised by a western NY German farming family. Father was an electrician named ?? O’Day from Ashtabula, Ohio and mother was ?? Koupas. Nothing else can be unearthed about his birth parentage and this is becoming increasingly important to me for health/personal reasons.

I forgot to give my father’s DOB, 8/6/1931 and that he was evidently the illegitimate son of the two mentioned previously, sorry. This illegitimacy is possibly the reason after years of HIS trying to get into from Social Security and the State of Ohio, he has been unable to. This is frustrating at best, so, as his 50 year old daughter and an O’Day, I am trying to pick up the flag, so to speak. Any info appreciated. In Peace, Rebecca.  Thanks again.

Name: Kelly Day
City: Dallas, Tx
O’Dea ancestor: Michael Day
Ancestral county/locale: Limerick
Sent: 08/28 07:30 PM

I know that my great, great-grandfather was born in Limerick around 1812. He emigrated to the US sometime between 1812 & 1841. His wife’s name was Hannah, who was also born in Ireland. I have no idea if they married in Ireland or in Worcester, Massachusetts, which is where all of their children were born. I’m trying to find out Hannah’s maiden name and any other information on Michael.  

Name: John Marranca, Jr
City: Buffalo, NY
O’Dea ancestor: Katherine O’ Day
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 08/31 07:19 AM

My grandmother was Katherine O’ Day…from Buffalo NY. She married Samuel Marranca around 1943/1944. Is there anyone that has anymore info than this?  

Name: Danny O’Dea
City: Godfrey, IL
O’Dea ancestor: Daniel T. O’Dea sr.
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 09/13 11:45 AM

I am searching for information on JOHN O’DEA, born abt 1810 in Ireland, died 1863 in Columbus, Ohio. He married MARY TORPEY, born 1812 in Ireland and married about 1840 in Ireland. She died in 1886 in Columbus, Ohio. Their children were

  1. THOMAS , born 1844 in Ireland;  
  2. JOHN,, born 1846 in Ireland, married JANE TULLY and lived at 505 South Detroit Ave, Xenia, Ohio in 1928;
  3. WILLLIAM, born 1848 in Ireland, was a Policeman in Columbus, Ohio and died in 1920 in Columbus;
  4. MARY, born 1850 in Ohio, married MATTHEW McCOY in 1867 at St. Patrick’s Church, Columbus;
  5. DANIEL, born 1852 in Columbus, Ohio, married SARAH JOHNSON about 1875 and lived at 1036 Garfield St. Springfield, Ohio in 1930
  6. MICHAEL T.., born 1860 in Columbus, was living at 131 Virginia Street, Elmhurst, Illinois in 1920.  He was a telegraph operator. If anyone has any connections with any of the above please contact me for exchange of information.

Name: bernard james o’day
City: ocala,florida
O’Dea ancestor: thomas o’day
Ancestral county/locale: cork?
Sent: 10/
06 06:01 PM

obviously, this is a find for me, as my wife and i are tracing our geneaology. i’ll have to find out more specifics from my father, as to when my grandfather and grandmother, left ireland. they always mentioned county cork, but reading your website, i might have been mistaken. thanx for your website-bj

Name: Patricia Brock Thompson
City: Phoenix
O’Dea ancestor: Jacob and Anna Day
Ancestral county/locale: Unknown
Subject: gave up son in early 1900’s in Iowa/Nebraska,USA (
Sent: 11/03 08:07 PM

Behalf of my husband Norman L.Thompson: Father was Samuel R. Thompson, birthchild of Anna and Jacob Day. Adoption records lost in fire, Ia, or Neb., USA. Jacob would have been born late 1800’s approx. perhaps emigrated from Ireland.   

Name: Suzan O’Dea
City: Warwick,
O’Dea ancestor: John & Mary (Cowley) O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: County Clare
Subject: John O’Dea, IRE > Australia 1863
Sent: 07/19.04 5 09:27 PM

My Great grandfather was Patrick James Born 15-8-1881 Dec 30-9-1972 he married Mary Johanna Hassett Born 20-12-1883 Dec 5-10-1954 they had 12 children my grandfather was Michael Francis O’Dea born 27-8-1916 and he was born in Allora Queensland Australia. If any one could help me out with ant information about John O’Dea it would be appreciated.

Addendum Sent: 11/06/04 02:54 PM

I’m searching for any information on John O’Dea.
All I have is he came to Australia in 1863 on a ship “Golden Empire” with his 3 brothers Matthew (who went to Pilton), Thomas (who went to Newcastle) and Patrick (who stayed in Allora with John). I would like to know who were their Parents and their year of birth and when they died and where, and if there were any other brothers or sisters. So far I have nothing else to go one. As John’s eldest daughter can not remember who his Parents were. If anyone can help please e-mail me. Thank you

O’Dea ancestor: MICHAEL & HANORA O’DEA
Ancestral county/locale: KILRUSH, CO. CLARE IRELAND
Sent: 11/06 02:57 PM


Name: Diane Carden
City: whaley bridge derbyshire
O’Dea ancestor: mary(mollie)critchley(nee o’dea)
Ancestral county/locale: ennis,county clare
Subject: trying to recontact relatives
Sent: 11/17 11:56 AM

my late maternal grandmother mollie, was an aunt of john of o-deas bar ennis -his father was her brother i am mollies granddaughter and would like to contact all my relatives-just to say hello i have met micheal (the artist) a long time ago along with john and mary at my grandmothers funeral.they were so lovely –i would just like to contact them again

Name: Edward Francis O’Day, Jr., Ph.D.
City: Hemet, California 92545
Subject: Michael O’Day, grandfather born in Ireland
O’Dea ancestor: Edward Francis O’Day, Sr. Major, USMC Ret.
Sent: 11/25 03:59 PM

Father & grandfather from Manchester, New Hampshire. Great grandfather reportedly born in the U. S.; his father emigrated from Ireland. My kids Danny, Dennis Michael, Kevin Patrick, Sean Timothy, & Brenda Cathleen  

Name: Amber O’Dea
City: Perth
O’Dea ancestor: Scota
Sent: 11/30 04:38 AM

Hi, i’m 13 and i need help on finding my family history for an Oral Presentation. If anyone can help, please do.

Name: Anthony O’Dea
City: East Taunton, Massachusetts
Ancestral county/locale: Clare
Subject: Observations of a prodigal O’Dea’s return to the old sod
Sent: 12/03 02:40 AM

On a recent visit to Ireland on business, I was pleased and embarrassed that the Irish people I met of different names and heritage knew much more of the great history of the O’Dea Clan than I. I was also surprised that I was informed that the pronunciation of my name (which I always knew to be ‘OH-DAY’) was really pronouned by the Irish as ‘OH-DEE’, which is how I had to introduce myself while there.

Name: Richelle (Kelly) O’Dea
City: Baltimore, MD
O’Dea ancestor: Richard H. O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: Clare
Sent: 12/05 11:39 PM

I’m planning to attend the reunion in July and wanted to know if anyone else from the Baltimore/Washington area is planning on attending.

Name: Sarah May O’Day
City: Eastpointe, Michigan, USA
O’Dea ancestor: Bert O’Day(grandfather), from there, unknown
Ancestral county/locale: Clare County
Subject: HELP!!!
Sent: 12/06 05:20 AM

I would love desperately to find out more about where my grandfather specifically came from, where most of my family history is, and how I can become an important part of all of yours. Thank you to anyone who can email me and let me know.

Name: Patrick J. O’Dea
City: Sacramento, CA
O’Dea ancestor: James C. O’Dea
Sent: 12/09 04:31 AM

I’m 45 and saw very little of my father and never met any of his side of the family. My father was from Montana and graduated from the Butte School of Mines. He inlisted into the Army during WW-2. He ended up working after the war with U.S. Geological Survey. He passed away in Las Vegas, Nv. in the early 1980. If any of this sounds familure to you please email me; I would love to meet reletive’s, Sincerely, Patrick J. O’Dea

Name: James Dee
City: Hartland ,N.B. Can.
O’Dea ancestor: Nicholas Dee
Sent: 12/14 05:47 AM

Nicholas married in New Brunswick to Rebecca Youmans.He said he was born in Ireland in 1797 but where and to Whom I do not know.He died abt 1883in nothern N.B. or Maine.He may have come to N.B.by way of Boston.There were eight children.[Phoebe-Mary-Catherine-Hannah-William-Richard-Nicholas-Unknown]Looking for info. on how he got to N.B. and from where did he depart.  

Name: William Mahon
City: Aberystwyth (WALES)
O’Dea ancestor: Michael and Mary (Blackall) O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: Kilkee (Tarmon, Commoge) / Kilrush / Kildysert
Subject: O’Deas in Augusta, Maine and Lockport, NY
Sent: 12/28 09:37 AM

My great-great-grandparents Michael and Mary O’Dea (with children John, Charles, Annie, Thomas) emigrated in 1844 and settled in Augusta, Maine. They were there in 1850, but moved afterwards to Ellicottville NY and Lockport NY. The brother (Thomas) of my great-grandfather Charles O’Dea (born 1837, son of Michael and Mary O’Dea) had a tavern in Lockport.

Name: ger o dea
City: cork, irl.
O’Dea ancestor: jimmy o dea
Ancestral county/locale: ennis
Sent: 12/29 05:45 PM

Hello to all the o’deas around the world from the o’deas in Conna co.cork



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