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Name: Danny O’Dea
City: Godfrey, IL
O’Dea ancestor: Thomas O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: Clare
Sent: 01/11 05:56 PM

I would very much to contact any descendants of PATRICK A. O’DEA, born January 1840 in Ireland, and BRIDGET LYNCH born 1846 in Ireland. Patrick was a cattle dealer and owner of Capitol City Dairy in Columbus, Ohio. Their last known residence I have for them was 533 Wetmore Rd. in Columbus, Ohio. Their children were:

  1. JOHN E. born 6 April 1867 in Columbus, Ohio.
  2. THOMAS A. born 23 January 1869 in Columbus.
  3. JOANNA (HANORA, NORA/ HANNA) CECELIA born 22 October 1870 in Columbus. She is listed in St. Patrick’s Church records as JOANNEM (on Baptismal Certificate), HANNA and NORA. Cecelia was her Confirmation name.
  4. PATRICK A. jr. born 30 June 1872 In Columbus
  5. DANIEL, born 22 September 1873 in Columbus

All five were Baptised in St. Patrick’s Church.    am hoping to document their exact relationship to my immediate family.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Name: Stephen Dea
City: Melbourne, Australia
O’Dea ancestor:  ?
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 01/13 08:24 AM

Hi, I recently found this website and decided to say hello. My grandparents, Thomas and Edna Dea are responsible for four children, 20 grandchildren and over 20 great grandchildren all living in Australia. I am currently living in Tirol, Austria and my sister Kristy is living in London. Journeys to Clare and Kerry are in planning, hope to see some of you there. How’s the surf at Dingle?

Name: o’dea, kevin thomas
City: melbourne,australia
O’Dea ancestor: county clare,ireland
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 01/22 02:32 AM

hi to all the o deas out there i didnt realise there were soo many of us possibly all related

Name: darryl de la Hoyde
City: Brighton. UK
O’Dea ancestor: Dermot Dysert O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 01/25 04:43 AM

My Mother’s Maiden Name: Kathleen Mary O’Dea. Birthplace: Dongargargh, India 1937.
Grandfather’s name: Dermot Diceart O’dea (Dysert). Write to me if you’re interested in finding out more about my branch of the family name.

Name: Louie O’Dea
City: Needham Ma
O’Dea ancestor: Thomas O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: Stradbally Co. Galway
Sent: 01/26 02:09 PM

I am looking for descendants of my grand uncle Tom O’Dea (married a Foye girl) left Ireland for USA and never heard from. He was born in Stradbally Co Galway July 1,1860

Name: Stacy Day
City: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
O’Dea ancestor: Harold Day
Ancestral county/locale: Liverpool, England
Sent: 02/07 06:08 PM

I am searching for relatives of the Day family from Liverpool. My grandfather was from there His brothers were Jack And Roy but they were young when they came to Canada. My grandfather has passed on so I have little information about the family. Any help would be appreciated.

Name: Suzanne Daye Lacey
City: Danvers, MA 01923, USA
O’Dea ancestor: John Day b. ca. 1734
Ancestral county/locale: Bergen County, New Jersey
Sent: 02/11 08:45 AM

My John Day died from smallpox at the age of 94. Have not been able to break through to his parents or siblings. My grandfather put an “e” on the end of Day to anglicize it, and we’ve used it since. Would love to connect with anyone interested. Many Day relatives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Name: Joanna Day
O’Dea ancestor: ?
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 02/11 03:55 PM

Wow! I just found this website today at school. This is really neat. I love the Irish culture (I do Irish dancing) and now I find out that it is very much in my heritage. I live in Minnesota, is there anyone around here with O’Dea ancestors?

Name: Richard O’Day
City: Carlton County / Ottawa
O’Dea ancestor: ?
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 02/17 07:12 PM

Have always wondered about the roots of my name. My father, Morris his brother Donald grew up in Hull just outside Ottawa. There was a third brother, Cleo
I’m not sure of the spelling. Never met him. After the 2nd world war he stayed in Germany. Some attempts to contact him in the late 50’s and 60’s were unsuccessful. My Dad and Uncle Donny passed on in 1975.

Name: Carolyn O’Regan
O’Dea ancestor: Patrick O’Dea m Mary Lee
Ancestral county/locale: County Clare
Sent: 03/03 06:05 PM

John O’Dea ( son of Patrick and Mary Lee)born 1839 in Ireland married Bridget O’Neil. Migrated to Australia 7th Nov 1849 on the Duke of Wellington. had a number of children including Catherine who is my great Grandmother, any information would be appreciated.

Name: Brian O’Dea
City: Cleveland, OH
O’Dea ancestor: Peter O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 03/14 09:02 AM

I’m attempting to learn more about my lineage. Peter O’Dea was born in Chicago, IL in the late 1800’s. He is my grandfather but I barely knew him. He passed away when I was a toddler.

Name: Michael C. O’Day II
City: Dayton, Kentucky
O’Dea ancestor: ?
Ancestral county/locale: ?
Sent: 03/30 10:10 AM

I don’t know much about my heritage but I am interested if anyone locally knows anything.

Name: Camilla Day Buczek
City: Ellicott City, Maryland
O’Dea ancestor: don’t know, want to find out
Ancestral county/locale: Probably Clare, but don’t know
Sent: 04/28 05:35 AM

I am coming to Ireland today, April 28, 2003 and will spend time in Clare and Cobh looking up the Days there. I can only trace my ancestors back to Ralph E. Day, who was born in Johnstown, and the records were lost in the flood. How do I go about finding out more? Thanks.   

Name: Terry Allen
City: Smithfield, RI
O’Dea ancestor: James William O’Day
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 04/30 10:36 AM

My great grandfather James William O’Dea came to Providence RI from Ireland. He married Mary Buckley in 1896. They had 6 children. The only one to survive was my grandfather, James William O’Day Jr. He married Julia Arnold in 1919. They had one child, my mother, Esther O’Day.
I know of one brother who came to Rhode Island also – Edward (Ned) Dea. However, I have no information on him.
I know also that there was a cousin Father James O’Dea, who was a Maryknoll missionary in China and was martyred.
My great grandfather would never talk of Ireland. It has been a family joke that he got on the ship one step ahead of the sheriff. Other than that, I have no information on the family.
I am planning to go to Ireland with cousins in June. It would be wonderful if anyone knew anything more about my family.

Note from the Clan Genealogist:
According to the 1910 Census, James O’Day was a naturalized citizen. He immigrated in 1890. The court record of his naturalization should include his birth place and birth date.

Name: Barbara Brennan
City: So. Dartmouth, Ma 02748
O’Dea ancestor: Bridget O’Dea (Delia)
Ancestral county/locale: Lackafinna, Cong, Mayo
Sent: 05/03 02:35 PM

Her parents were Martin O’Dea and Mary McTigue, they had eight children. Does anyone know the name. Delia came to US in 1926 and married Tim Brennan and lived in Newton, MA. Thanks

Name: Johnny Aday
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 05/11 09:40 PM

I’m looking into my family history,my mother has told me that alot of our elderly family members use to tell her when she came into the family that the name “Aday” was originally “oday” there’s no one left older in the family to help me. Do you know anything about the possibility of the name being chaged when they came to america. if you can heip me that would be wonderful. please let me here from you. Thank you,

Note from the Clan Genealogist:
Ronald Aday of Austin, TX posted the following in December 2000:   “My father’s family settled in Fort Smith, Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. The name Aday was once A’day, and I am told was once O’Day.” Same family? The full message is on the last page of this Guestbook.

Name: Patrick Fox O’Dea
City: Dromin, Co. Limerick
O’Dea ancestor: Limerick born, FL resident
Ancestral county/locale: Bulgaden, Co. Limerick
Sent: 05/26 11:05 AM

How’s she cuttin!   Hope to make the next reunion!  The sun is shining in Florida!

Name: Thomas W. O’Dea Jr.
City: Littleton, MA / Sarasota, FL
O’Dea ancestor: GGF John O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: Some where in Ireland
Sent: 06/01 07:43 PM

Hello: I, like many of us, am attempting to trace my family. My GGfather John O’Dea was born in Ireland and married my GGmother Ellen O’Neill. They lived in Brooklyn, NY, had a son Thomas E. O’Dea, my grandfather. Thomas E. married Annie Schroder of Brooklyn and had 4 children. My father Thomas W. O’Dea a sister Mary , a brother Edward and a second Sister Loretta. Thomas E. O’Dea was a fireman for the NYFD until 1920 when he passed away.

I know it seems like a long story but I am having trouble tracing any thing past my GGfather. Any suggestions and or hints would be appreciated.

Name: Donna Day
City: Hamilton, Ontario
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 07/01 06:44 PM

I am interested to learn that the Day’s come from Ireland, as my family has always lived in Gloucestershire, England prior to emigrating to Canada. Does anyone have any idea how an Irishman from Clare might end up in England prior to 1640? Is it possible that the name Day also evolved in England separately? I would be happy to hear from anyone with ideas on this matter.

Name: Caitlin Dee
City: Denver, Colorado
O’Dea ancestor: trying to find out
Ancestral county/locale: don’t know
Sent: 07/17 11:53 AM

My father told me the last name of my ancesters, and I had to get online for more info.

Name: Lorraine Dormer
City: Clara, County Offaly
O’Dea ancestor: Day
Ancestral county/locale: Offaly
Sent: 07/23 05:32 AM

I am trying to establish the eventual whereabouts of members of my paternal family.

If there are any Day’s out there in this world who would have relatives who lived/worked in County Offaly from the late 1970’s I would very much like to hear from them.

I believe we owe it to our children and their successors to log our family ancestors.

Name: Alex Macfarlane-Day
City: London, UK
O’Dea ancestor: Edward Day
Ancestral county/locale: Cork
Sent: 07/23 07:21 AM

Hello to all,
My grandfather was probably born in london or Cork@ 1890’s.I know that his mother was from Cork and was killed in an air raid in the last war, whilst she was in a hospital (Park Royal, middlesex). Edward served in the British Navy during the first world war, and died about 1972. My father,Edward, was born in 1931 in London, and myself in 1962. I’d like to know how exactly I fit into the family tree, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Name: Francis Eugene Day
City: Claremore, Okla
O’Dea ancestor: Jesse Day
Ancestral county/locale: unk
Sent: 08/01 02:55 PM

Jesse Day born 1825-1877 married to Catharine Medsker
I am seeking info on these listed below:

Uriah Day born Indianapolis, Ind 1857-1929 married to Mary Sutton
George Day born In Indiana 1888 married to Mary Audry Harkness of Terra Haught Ind.

There names of other children liste in my Great Grand mothers bible but I hope some one will be able to tie these to the Day claan from Indians.

Name:  Maureen O’Dea Spencer
City: San Mateo, California
O’Dea ancestor: GG Michael O’Dea of S.F.
Ancestral county/locale: Co. Clare O’Dea/O’Brien
Sent: 08/09 04:59 AM

Hi, I am an O’Dea originally from San Francisco, now live in Arizona. I have a horse and play guitar. I tried to get involved in Irish culture here, but too much stuff in bars. So now I am involved in Hawaiian culture, learning slack-key guitar, Hula. I don’t have any kids, three sibs, one nephew.

Name: Maureen O’Dea
City: Cape Town South Africa
O’Dea ancestor: Peter O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 08/16 01:07 PM

I was born Maureen Georgina O’Dea in July 1952 my father being Peter O’Dea who was born on 26 March 1919. Is there anyone who can help me trace my grandparents? Thank you and have a good day

Name: Amanda Lee O’Dea
City: Whitby, Ontario
O’Dea ancestor: looking to find out
Ancestral county/locale: not sure
Sent: 08/27 08:56 AM

I am looking for more information on our family history as I am trying to complete a family tree. I would also like to visit ireland for a clan gathering could you please give me some info on it. Thanks

Name: Dawn Luis
City: peabody ma
O’Dea ancestor: grandma Dawn o’dea
Ancestral county/locale: ?
Sent: 08/28
02:32 PM

i just like learning about my ancestors and this site is great.

Name: Micheal Maynard Odea
City: Las Vegas Nevada
O’Dea ancestor: John Allen ODea
Ancestral county/locale: Armagh/
Sent: 09/02 04:35 PM

just keeping in touch

Name: Patrick Dee
City: St. Paul, MN. USA
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 09/04 11:41 AM

Name: Thomas E. O’Dea
City: New York, NY
O’Dea ancestor: M. O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: Clare
Sent: 09/05 10:22 AM

Who was Margaret O’Dea in 1634?

Name: Jori O’Dea
City: Colorado Springs, CO USA
O’Dea ancestor: John O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: Clare
Sent: 09/13 11:14 PM

Still trying to find information on celtic history of the clan, not just geneology. ANYONE in Ireland with info please email me!   Slan, Jori

Name: rossann o`dea
City: oldham (uk)
O’Dea ancestor: hoping to find out
Ancestral county/locale: hoping to find out
Sent: 10/02 07:16 AM

I am 12 years old but I have known there were more of us for ages. I am hoping to find all of my ancesters
in my spare time. i have to go . i am at school!   

Name: Angela O’Dea
City: Tameside (Greater Manchester) UK
O’Dea ancestor: William O’Dea
Ancestral county/locale: ?
Sent: 10/06 06:42 AM

Would appreciate any information relating to my origins, I dont have much to go on other than my grandfather William O’Dea (died Oldham, married to Marion O’Dea, son David O’Dea)

My family names
– Brother – Anthony O’Dea
– Sister – Caroline O’Dea
– Daughters – Rossann O’Dea, Razina O’Dea

Name: Jenny Weber
City: St. Marys, GA
O’Dea ancestor: birth mother – Sherre O’Day
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 10/11 05:49 PM

I just found out my birth mother’s name – Sherre O’Day. Looking for other birth family members. If anyone knows of a Sherre who gave up a son for adoption in 1971 and a daughter for adoption in 1974, in Wisconsin, please contact me. Thank you!

Name: Thomas Burford
City: Mill Valley, CA, USA
O’Dea ancestor: O’Dea and Dea
Ancestral county/locale: Bruff Parrish, County Limerick
Sent: 10/15 10:51 AM

As a combat veteran of Viet Nam my heart goes out to the mother and family of Cpl. Patrick O’Day USMC who died in Iraq. Serving your country these days is a tough job, and sadly we lose a little bit of our families, future, and heart when brave young men like this face the unknown and uncertainty of war. He will never be alone as he is with so many others whom have fought and fallen, and we have an obligation to honor them. I am very proud to be a member of an organization which thought to remember this young man with a plaque at the castle. It is a small thing you do for him dedicating this, but the message is a very big one. We will remember always this young man and other like him who made the ultimate sacrafice. And that our way of freedom continues, because future dictators will always be faced by our brave peacekeepers around the world. We should also take a moment and remember he was not alone in battle, and other sons and daughters are still there, and need our prayers and support.
Thomas Burford (Dea+O’Dea) USAF Special Forces 1970-78  

Name: Kelly C O’Dea
City: San Diego, CA
O’Dea ancestor: Thomas J. O’Dea I
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 10/15 01:17 PM

I just found out that you all were out there. I have been wanting to visit Ireland to see the “homeland” since I was a little kid. If anyone has some advice on how to do this, where to stay, etc. please let me know. Or if you would just like to chat, please e-mail me. Thanks. I can’t believe there are so many of us.

Name: Gary O’Day
City: Island Lake, IL USA
O’Dea ancestor: Still trying to trace
Ancestral county/locale: Probably Clare, not sure of course
Sent: 10/28 10:47 PM

My wife and I are looking forward to attending our first Clan Gathering in 2005. Have the dates been set yet?

Name: Joe Proudman
O’Dea ancestor: Dee
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 11/01 10:07 AM

DEE is in my family on my Mothers side of the family.  Buffalo N.Y.

Name: Michael Day
City: Aldershot Hampshire
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale: Kildare
Sent: 11/19 04:43 PM

I had a ansestor who moved to England and changed his name from O’Dea to Day thats all I know.  

Name: James O’Dea
City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
O’Dea ancestor:
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 11/25 12:22 PM

End the apostrophe wars!
I want to keep my apostrophe, which is getting harder and harder to do!  

Name: Rebecca Welch
City: Sparta, illinois
O’Dea ancestor: Betty O’dea-Carr
Ancestral county/locale:
Sent: 12/18 02:35 PM

I dont know much about my ancestral history, but i know i am the daughter of Debra O’Dea-Arnett, grand daughter of James and Chris O’dea, and great granddaughter of Betty O’Dea-Carr. I would really like to know some of my family from over seas so please email me.

Name: Kevin Martin O`Dea
City: Milton Keynes England
O’Dea ancestor: William Patrick (my father)
Ancestral county/locale: Limerick
Sent: 12/21 11:12 AM

Hello to all of the clan.
I first visited this site some years ago. But due to life/work etc. I lost touch.
It`s good to see that it`s gone from strength to strength.
All of you have a really good Christmas and a joyful New Year.
I will meet some of you in 2005, at the next reunion.

Name: Michael James Dee
City: Peoria, Arizona USA
O’Dea ancestor:  William Dee
Ancestral county/locale: Clare
Sent: 12/26 10:19 PM

I am so happy to find this page it really answers alot of questions i had about where our ancestors came from. I really hope to see you in 2005 that would be my dream. I would like to get info about the clan gathering in 2005. I am proud to have this IRISH ancestry.
William Dee first settled Rochester, Minnesota in 1882 his original log cabin is still standing there, he came directly from ireland

Name: Gearoid O’Deaghaidh
City: Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.
O’Dea ancestor: Felix Dawe
Ancestral county/locale: Bellurgan, County Louth, Ireland.
Sent: 01/04 07:50 AM

Dear O’Dea Clan,  New Year Greetings 2004. Best wishes.   Gerarde Dawe



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