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Thank you for your Online Registration


You should soon receive an email as confirmation of your Registration.

You should also receive a receipt from PayPal by email in confirmation of your payment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Webmaster:


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2 thoughts on “Online Registration Thank You”

  1. Daniel,

    Thank you for the feedback. We’ve had a close look at the Online Registration Form and we’re not seeing too many opportunities for using drop-down lists. Perhaps you are referring to the Booking Choices on the first page?

    Booking Choices:
    I wish to register for the Clan Reunion AND I wish to book for one or more optional activities
    I wish to register for the Clan Reunion BUT I do not wish to book for any of the optional activities
    I have already registered for the Clan Reunion but I now wish to book for one or more optional activities

    We’re using radio buttons here instead of a drop-down list in order to provide visibility to the user of all the available options. Although a drop-down list takes up less space on the form, experience tells us that some people have difficulties with that because they do not realise that there are other choices hiding within the list and they have to click on the twistie to see the rest of the items in the list.

    Regards, Tom O’Dea

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