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John B. O'Day III

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I am nominating another Member

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Kevin O'Day

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About the Candidate (from the Nominator)

Kevin has shown his dedication to the O'Dea Clan by being involved with past Gatherings. He also has helped with Zoom meetings, regional rep. , stepped up when something is needed done. Kevin would make a Great Chieftain-Elect.

About the Candidate (from the Candidate)

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief statement regarding my nomination for the position of Tánaiste. And thank you to John O’Day for the nomination, it is deeply appreciated.

I am currently the Midwest representative for Clan O’Dea, and in that role, I have endeavored to publicize the Clan, and encourage membership for eligible individuals and families throughout the area (and beyond). I am also the Registrar for the USA and Canada, responsible for maintaining/updating the membership records for this region, and distribution of the newsletter.

Additionally, I am a regular contributor to the newsletter. It is my hope that my articles are not only entertaining, but spur ideas for your own research as well. I was also a member of the planning committee for the 2019 Clan gathering in St. Louis which was very well received.

The experience gained through these positions and endeavors have given me a solid working knowledge of internal Clan operations and governance.

If elected, my vision and efforts to benefit the Clan include but are not limited to:

1. I will promote involvement among the younger members and prospective members. I see the infusion of, “new blood, “as vital to build on the momentum provided by previous administrations.

2. I will expand the use of social media. Much work has been done in this area, but I feel we are underutilizing this tool. The responsibility for this task would fall on me. There are also at least two other Facebook organizations for the O’Dea clan. The individuals who frequent these accounts certainly indicate their desire for inclusion in the greater Clan.

3. I will promote the concept of a cupla focal. Learning and using just a few simple phrases can give you valuable insight into a culture, which is even more important for those of us amongst the diaspora.

4. Perhaps most importantly, I will do my utmost to represent this Clan with the honor and dignity they have earned throughout the ages.

5. And, we’ll have fun.

Go raibh maith agat!

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17 May 2022

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Tom O'Dea


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