Video: Dysert O’Dea and its Monuments from the Air

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This video traces the history and archaeology of Dysert O’Dea, from the air, using new, sophisticated, drone technology.

The script and voice-over is by Risteard UaCroinin, Clare County archaeologist and restorer of Dysert O’Dea Castle, while the design, drone footage, editing and production are by Bert Geoghegan, local professional photographer.

This gives many unique views of the numerous field monuments in the parish, which have never been seen before, views of the tops of Rath and Dysert castles and the 12th century round tower of Dysert, which up to now were inaccessible.  The video covers monuments, extant, in the parish from the Bronze and Iron ages, through the Early Christian and Viking periods through the invasion of the Anglo-Normans, the Irish victory at Dysert O’Dea in May 1318, the building of Romanesque churches, round towers, high crosses and Gaelic tower houses of the 15th century to the buildings left by the planters and “soup schools” of The Great Famine of “Black 47”.

It is a fascinating fly-through of the history and architectural heritage of a small western Parish – a microcosm of the History of Ireland.


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