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  1. How do we get a room at the Old Ground? We inquired straight with the hotel on the 16th of March 2017 and were told there were plenty of rooms available. By the time we called over to Ireland on the 19th, the rooms were all booked. The reservations clerk stated that people had been calling to book blocks of 10 to 20 rooms at a time all week. As a result, we have reservations for the 9th and 10th but had to be wait listed for the 11th – 13th. Are these rooms being set aside as part of the clan gathering event coordination for those of us who plan to attend to book? Is there an agency holding a block of rooms that we are supposed to go through, rather than going straight through the hotel? Please let us know if there is another way to get a room for the Clan Gathering in 2018. Thanks, Kevin O’Day – USA

  2. Kevin,

    Cathie O’Dea has posted the following item on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cathie.odea/posts/10154185180056114

    “I have once again negotiated rates for The Old Ground Hotel in Ennis for 10th O’Dea Clan Gathering from Thursday 10th May to Sunday 13th May 2018. Room rates have gone up a lot since the 2014 gathering so I have also negotatiated a group rate for TempleGate in Ennis which is cheaper and about 5 mins walk. Please note there is no availability for 13th and 14th in either hotel at the group rate but I can do 8th/9th”

    You can contact her at this email address:

    Regards, Tom O’Dea

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